Umbrella stuff

Tammy Ho’s article on “umbrella” in Cantonese vs. Mandarin

Cantonese: je1:

Putonghua: yue saan, used for umbrella movement b/c saan also means separate/together: 雨傘

Saan tsui: separate/together, made of Putonghua umbrella character and together: 傘聚


Chater Garden: 遮打花園 je1 da2 fa1 yuen4. “Chater” is je1 (umbrella) da2 (hit): the park in Central Where originally Occupy Central was supposed to be.

Police man: tsi1 mo5 ( = “kind mother” literally), “bringing weapons” same sound: 武. After Umbrella Movement, govt says “police are like kind mother!” Protesters say “police are bringing weapons!”

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