Summary 2015

Curved Loop Testing
Period worked on: June
Curved looping is our first demo during the summer. It works perfectly.

 Basic Law
Period worked on: July – August

Period worked on: July – August
We’ve done many testings about 2D tunnel and 3D tunnel since summer 2015.

how we do 2D tunnel:

  • basic concept: we render the textures from Maya and use them as texture sequence. The custom cylinder will map the textures and simulate the panoramic view in 360 gallery.
    1. There is a 5 in 1 camera rig (72 degree per one camera) in our Maya scene. Thus, we got 5 image sequences with consistent camera view.
    2. We import a cylinder from Maya to Unity, which already divided into 5 smaller segments for mapping the image sequence.
  • first problem:
    1. the texture sequences are too large, it’s bad for testings when it takes a long long time to import and export, and even transferring to the machines in gallery 360. it did provide us a high quality tunnel and no synchronizing problem after buffing at the beginning.
  • Movie Texture with C# in Unity
    We tried not to use image sequence as textures directly. Therefore, we thought the movie texture would solve the problem of file sizes. We tried different formats of video for the Movie Texture part.
  • another problem:
    It works with Middle VR for sure but it can’t synchronize 5 movie textures. It’s much limited because we can’t control the exact frame in unity. Also, as a compressed video source, the quality is worse than image sequence. The decoding process inside Unity will also reduce the frame rate.
  • AVPro Windows Media(Unity Plugin)
    After few weeks, we decided to use the AVPro Windows Media instead of default solution of Movie Texture. We hope that we can have more control of the movie textures and better performance in speed. In the early stage, we thought it’s not compatible with Middle VR for our system setup in our early testing result . however, we found it is compatible after another few weeks. Even it works, but we got a terrible syncing result of 5 movie textures.
  • Another direction of Dynamic loading texture

    Our systems in gallery 360 is a 6 computers setup(1 computer as master computer, which will delivery the files to another 5 slave computers).It takes a long way to understand how to make it works as dynamic loading textures.
    Basic concept about doing this:
    we write the script to search the files location based on the file name. If the file exists, we will call the local path and use the file as texture.
    Same Issue of slow performance:
    It’s slow duo to the process of searching and calling local path of files.

how we do 3D tunnel:
basic idea: just use the animated tunnel models for our Unity Project
Problem Again:
Our source file is too LARGE! We have too many polygon. It crashed many times during the process of importing. (running out of memory in our machine)

Ocean & Creature
Period worked on: Sep – Ongoing
We spend much time on building different scenes and creating various critters.
All the creatures in our testings are created by our own plugin in Maya.

text shifting effect

Lava & Mountain & distortion text sky
Period worked on: Nov

Long critter

scene change/shifting

vertex animation

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  1. great.

    thoughts for me to consider as i edit it:
    consider making a timeline (events can overlap).

    setup a structure for each entry:

    Title of problem:
    Period worked on: June-July or Ongoing
    Status: Retired (prototype video here)
    Link to more detailed blog post:

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