sub-project [TUNNEL]

August 19th

This is the Chinese tunnel with Ambient light only.

noted: configuration[Hampilive_ipad] solved delay problem.

Chinese tunnel testing from Jhave CURVED on Vimeo.


August 8th

flow text/path text solution testing, demo_v1
reference tutorial:

path text demo v1 from Jhave CURVED on Vimeo.

August 4th

creature rig testing

text demo v1 from Jhave CURVED on Vimeo.


July 29th 2015

The result is great with 60fps.
pros:’s fast with 60fps delay problem(the frame follows the Unity timeline)
3.good quality(better than using Movie or Movie texture)
4.compatible in all situation

1.The file size is huge, and it depends on the length of video and the size of each image.
2.Have a bit buff time before it starts playing Unity.
3.We have to render them from Maya first.
4.Can provide stereoscopic channel

for stereoscopic view, this configuration works.

image sequence testing(jpg) in 360gallery from Jhave CURVED on Vimeo.

around 60 fps



Scripting video texture(6fps only) from Jhave CURVED on Vimeo.

Scripting video texture(6fps only)

Png sequence is too large (10+gbs for 50sec 360)

The AVPro Media plugin not working in Unity in gallery 360.

The Movie texture is not working when it’s only 6-7fps in gallery. solutions not working as expected
2.sequence could be controlled by frame, mean “not gap between projectors”
*right now, jpeg sequence is best choice now! it’s only 600-700 mb in comparison to 10+gb png high quality sequence.

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