sub-project [Museum of Linguistic Curiosities]

Interactive Unity space that features exhibits of weird creatures. Incorporates rigging experiment gifs, word-systems, worms, and clots into a space where animations inhabit a virtual museum.

Didactic panels beside/with each animation describe an evolution through a future taxonomy of living language.

Example #1:

“The Labyrinthus Cordata was originally discovered in a bacterial colony on an airplane meal-tray of flight EC3402 as it descended through frigid Arctic air on June 5th 2021 at 7pm. Microscopic analysis revealed a torus-shaped creature composed entirely of the word ‘labyrinth’. Remarkably, a Chinese version of this creature,


was discovered 5 months later in the womb of a baby cat undergoing a neuter operation in Hunan.”

Above this description, framed on the wall of the museum, 2 animated language-critters writhe (one English, one Chinese). Maybe next to them, smaller frames contain an animated gif of a cat operation, microscope, photograph of an airplane tray, etc..

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 12.42.54 pm

Example #2:

“The Abstractoidella Aminolytica is an aerobic gram stain negative bacteria isolated from acidic mine water obtained in Japan. It is composed entirely of synonyms of the word “abstract” (as listed below). Its behavior mimics amino acid chains forming and disintegrating. It occurs in both verb and adjective forms. So far no nouns have been found.





abstract, extract


refine, abstract, extract and purify, process, purify


extract, abstract, collect, draw, pick up, recover


abstract, abstractive, metaphysical, non-figurative, nonrepresentational, pure”


Example #3:



Conceptual inspiration: Museum of Jurassic Technology

Interactive precursors are many, but goal would be to avoid obvious reproduction of real-world museum (as in this) and instead consider a museum without walls where exhibits swim as selected toward the viewer.

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