Image-Text Test Mashup (tumblrs & twitters)

Use appropriated images (from ) to form stacked trptychs with Cantonese and English words in gaps between the images (see for examples and sample phrases) .

Same technique for remixing the images and words from Example : healer image uses title of photo beneath it. Stanzas could go on either side.

Similar technique for words from .  Note: tweets since November 2014 are stored here in a doc file that automatically appends recent tweets. No images needed. Professional translation required.


Tech Steps:

  • Use some sort of automated extraction to download all of these sites.
  • Use batch auto-translate to perform rough english-to-cantonese
  • Dynamic load images
  • Dynamic resize
  • Simple animation slides
  • Dynamic text
  • Randomize load but empty array (see every image and every text before repeat)
  • Interactive trigger to shuffle image-text
  • Add soundtrack from (experiment in consultation with Jhave)
  • Long-range goal (Jhave + Leoson todo together) : run machine-learning python script to extract patterns in text ( see ) and a similar script to analyze images. Then dynamic load based on proximity.



“Curved 弯” Cyclical Video Loop [Credits video]

Idea for micro-prototype. Status: Early test.

  1. Render from Maya a video loop of the word “Curved 弯”so that the word appears to be circling the 360 screen.
  2. Insert into Unity using video plugins
  3. Remap onto cylinder geometry using material texture captured every frame.
  4. Render a longer video with variations of speed (acceleration-deceleration)
  5. Render with English-Cantonese morphings.
  6. Add sound synchronized to speed.
  7. Make video documentation using camera on a tripod (or on a turntable rotating in centre of gallery). Potentially add a few people walking in opposite direction. Change the people as the camera rotates so that the swapping out of people is not visible. Single long shot: 1 minute. Cast: core collaborators. Date: last week of August.


Suggested tools:


AVPro Windows Media… a multi-thread video decoder: