Image-Text Test Mashup (tumblrs & twitters)


Use appropriated images (from ) to form stacked trptychs with Cantonese and English words in gaps between the images (see for examples and sample phrases) .

Same technique for remixing the images and words from Example : healer image uses title of photo beneath it. Stanzas could go on either side.

Similar technique for words from .  Note: tweets since November 2014 are stored here in a doc file that automatically appends recent tweets. No images needed. Professional translation required.


Tech Steps:

  • Use some sort of automated extraction to download all of these sites.
  • Use batch auto-translate to perform rough english-to-cantonese
  • Dynamic load images
  • Dynamic resize
  • Simple animation slides
  • Dynamic text
  • Randomize load but empty array (see every image and every text before repeat)
  • Interactive trigger to shuffle image-text
  • Add soundtrack from (experiment in consultation with Jhave)
  • Long-range goal (Jhave + Leoson todo together) : run machine-learning python script to extract patterns in text ( see ) and a similar script to analyze images. Then dynamic load based on proximity.



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