Fluid Curved 3D Morph Alphabet-Ideogram film

Use emPolygonizer to morph & mutate a short poem.

Begin to learn the software with a set of words based on a mutated great chain of being. Distribute the following words around the cylinder and morph in between the english-cantonese. 5 second loop video. To be placed in-between other poems.

Mineral – Plants – Animals – Humans – Ghosts – Gods – Multiverse
矿物   –    植物   –   动物     –     人类     –      鬼       –  神    –   多元宇宙

Tech Steps

  • I have a single-seat license for previous version of emPolygonizer . Upgrade and install on Toshiba.
  • Produce simple film as a test using “Mineral – Plants – Animals – Humans – Ghosts – Gods – Multiverse 矿物 – 植物 – 动物 – 人类 – 鬼 – 神 – 多元宇宙”
  • Experiment with interactive jumps in film: is it smooth… etc…
  • See https://vimeo.com/89911203

Author: Jhave

Digital poet at http://www.glia.ca & prof at http://www.scm.cityu.edu.hk/people/faculty/assistant-professor/dr-johnston-david-jhave/

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