failure during the testing

Dynamic loading texture (web, local path)
poor result
1. slow fps
2. can’t directly get the local path
3. need to download them real time before calling the local path
4. video: cache problem without local path (solved now)

Documentation about dynamic loading texture(fixed the path but still slow) from Jhave CURVED on Vimeo.

Vertex animation from Maya to Unity
not working
1. Maya can’t export the animation cache data “.pc2” directly
2. incorrect vertex information in Unity after converting from “.mcc” to “.pc2” by mel script

AVPro Windows Media (Unity Plugin)
not working
1. it isn’t compatible with Middle VR
2. bad result of syncing 5 movie textures without Middle VR

Movie Texture with C# in Unity
poor result
1. It works with Middle VR but still can’t syncing 5 movie textures as well
2. limited function, cant control the starting point.
3. quality vs file size, compression code vs decoding time
4. video decoding process will reduce the frame rate.

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