Nov 20th

shader of Lava, mountain, text testing in gallery 360

Nov_20 testing Mountain & distortion text sky from Jhave CURVED on Vimeo.

Nov_20 Lava Shader Testing from Jhave CURVED on Vimeo.


Sep 15th

Visual testing with flying rig in 360 gallery from Jhave CURVED on Vimeo.

Unity Textures, animation…demo

Sep 11th

Flying rig demo from Jhave CURVED on Vimeo.

Flying rig with atmosphere Demo

Source files in zip format and other info will be posted here.

June 9th mockup for BASIC LAW and UMBRELLA (.gif )

For better documentation, I separated each sub-project into individual page.

The attached images are .gif animation. please download/click them and it should be shown on another window with animation.


June 23rd
LatLong lens Shader for panoramic rendering in Maya
I can use one camera to render one texture with lesser distortion for unity shader.

June 25th

Demo Curved-Loop
texture resolution: 8400 x 1050 pixel
screen diameter in Gallery is 9.5m with 4m high
PS:resolution for image is 8400 x 1050 and video (mono) is 8192 x 1024


June 26th

testing result for Jhave’s “e_animateREadable-SORTA2_ambient”
it takes around 3 days to rendering 1200 frames in render farm (20 farmers)

July 7th

Jhave’s testing result in 360 gallery.

Panoramic shots in gallery360 from Jhave CURVED on Vimeo.


July 11th

Curved Loop

noted: IG2 sync delay problem.

Curved Loop Testing in gallery 360 from Jhave CURVED on Vimeo.

July 18th
Suggested Method about animating text in Maya.
To Jhave: I think we should put the joints as rigging. There is much potential in transformed animation with different rigging sets, and mel script.
On the other hand, generating 3D Chinese words is as same as english when we have the fonts.

rendering time testing:

(AO-left, old method, 64sampling): 28sec

(adding just Ambient light): 9sec (1/3 of original rendering time)


1 thought on “EXPERIMENTS”

  1. Loop curve does work with the umbrella imagination.
    There is a line under 人, under the line , we can add sentences/poetic lines. .
    & using animation to form an umbrella poetry.

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