Fluid Curved 3D Morph Alphabet-Ideogram film

Use emPolygonizer to morph & mutate a short poem.

Begin to learn the software with a set of words based on a mutated great chain of being. Distribute the following words around the cylinder and morph in between the english-cantonese. 5 second loop video. To be placed in-between other poems.

Mineral – Plants – Animals – Humans – Ghosts – Gods – Multiverse
矿物   –    植物   –   动物     –     人类     –      鬼       –  神    –   多元宇宙

Tech Steps

  • I have a single-seat license for previous version of emPolygonizer . Upgrade and install on Toshiba.
  • Produce simple film as a test using “Mineral – Plants – Animals – Humans – Ghosts – Gods – Multiverse 矿物 – 植物 – 动物 – 人类 – 鬼 – 神 – 多元宇宙”
  • Experiment with interactive jumps in film: is it smooth… etc…
  • See https://vimeo.com/89911203

“Curved 弯” Cyclical Video Loop [Credits video]

Idea for micro-prototype. Status: Early test.

  1. Render from Maya a video loop of the word “Curved 弯”so that the word appears to be circling the 360 screen.
  2. Insert into Unity using video plugins
  3. Remap onto cylinder geometry using material texture captured every frame.
  4. Render a longer video with variations of speed (acceleration-deceleration)
  5. Render with English-Cantonese morphings.
  6. Add sound synchronized to speed.
  7. Make video documentation using camera on a tripod (or on a turntable rotating in centre of gallery). Potentially add a few people walking in opposite direction. Change the people as the camera rotates so that the swapping out of people is not visible. Single long shot: 1 minute. Cast: core collaborators. Date: last week of August.


Suggested tools:


AVPro Windows Media… a multi-thread video decoder: http://www.renderheads.com/portfolio/UnityAVProWindowsMedia/