Suggested Path for next 2 months:

Interactivity 2 buttons: fwd & back

Make every single place interesting.

Boulders go from primitive scratches to petroglyphs.

Eggs go from letters to words to tons of text (black on whiter egg).

Fullerenes etched with machine language.

Format of sequence: MINERAL-MAMMAL-MACHINE, delineates evolution form incoherent scratches, to mammalian cries and human level language, to machine language. (Read more to see video)



Critters. Fauna. Fibonacci. A baked shadow render bestiary. Alphabet ecosystem. Cross-referenced between languages. Technically: how many polygons can Unity hold if textures are baked? Will a smaller version play in […]



Clumps, clots, clouds, flocks, herds, cells, knots in the blood brain earth sky stars. In-between the tube videos will be clump videos: these will be easier occasionally technically since each […]

Worms made Flesh (tubes)


Organisms are tubes that eat and excrete, inhale and exhale, thinking using neuron paths, absorbing nutrients through gut tunnels. Toothpaste comes in tubes, as does astronaut food. Electricity and water travel […]

Umbrella stuff

Tammy Ho’s article on “umbrella” in Cantonese vs. Mandarin Umbrella: Cantonese: je1: 遮 Putonghua: yue saan, used for umbrella movement b/c saan also means separate/together: 雨傘 Saan tsui: separate/together, made […]

Image-Text Test Mashup (tumblrs & twitters)


Use appropriated images (from http://jhave.tumblr.com/ ) to form stacked trptychs with Cantonese and English words in gaps between the images (see https://ello.co/jhave2 for examples and sample phrases) . Same technique for remixing the images […]